D A I S Y   R I C K M A N

P A I N T I N G  / M U S I C  /  F I L M  /  P H O T O
Artist based in Berlin / UK


Daisy Rickman (08.02.1996) is a self-taught multidisciplinary Artist and Musician from Mousehole, Cornwall (UK). After leaving home at 18 over the past 7 years her path has led her to exhibiting and working as a freelancer internationally in the Painting, Film, Photography, Music and Visual Art Circles.

“The power of our hands as human beings extends infinitely through the possibilities of expression. Each is unique and this fascinates me. I am interested in this subconscious space between dreams and abstract perceptions of our existence. That hypnagogic realm of honest flow, where one can let go of the mind and focus further on the tunings of our bodily senses and rhythms. When you reach that golden haven of sound and vision between beings amidst the magic of creation. Being a musician, my paintings and this process are deeply influenced by music, with certain rhythms and melody’s guiding my hands through the spectrum of light and form. For me, these different realms of self-expression are not separate from one and other. Each practice provokes and encourages the other, simultaneously bringing the visions of my mind through hand and body into reality. A force which exists beyond the realm of rationality, channelling from the same source of visual cosmology.”



DONSYA A’N HOWL, Jupiter Gallery Newlyn, UK ~ December 2021 – January 2022 (Solo Show Exhibiting recent Paintings, Drawings, Puppets, Film & Photography work alongside several Music Performances, Solstice Mummers Procession and Events.)

NUTOPIA, Jupiter Gallery, Newlyn UK ~ October 2021 (Group Exhibition)

DAISY RICKMAN / TOM RICKMAN (PAINTING EXHIBITION) Thomas Henry Gallery, Newlyn UK ~ May 2019 (Exhibition of paintings from Artists Daisy Rickman & Tom Rickman)

VISIONARY & METAPHYSICAL ARTISTS EXHIBITION, Solomon Browne Hall, Mousehole UK ~ March 2019 (An Exhibition featuring the work of Daisy Rickman, Karen Lorenz, Premgit, Silvia Pastore & Jane Tresidder with Seminars & Lectures.

EAT YOUR ART OUT, PZ Gallery, Penzance UK ~ December 2018 (Group Exhibition of Paintings by Artists Daisy Rickman, Kleiner Shames & Logan Harvey)

AEQUINOCTIUM, Solomon Browne Hall, Mousehole UK ~ April 2018 (Group Exhibition of work by Artists Daisy Rickman, Logan Harvey, Nina Günther & Hugo Lloyd Winder)

PORTHENYS CRAFT COLLECTIVE, Solomon Browne Hall, Mousehole UK ~ December 2017. (Group Exhibition of paintings by Artists Daisy Rickman, Jack Watson & Logan Harvey.)

ODE TO HEKA & THE YINYAK, Catfell Studio, London UK — November 2017 (Self Curated Group exhibition of Artists Daisy Rickman, Hugo Lloyd Winder & Nina Günther showcasing a variety of Film, Painting and Photographic work)

LEXIS OVER LAND, Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens, Penzance UK — November 2017 (Group exhibition of Female Artist’s curated by Nina Royle. Exhibiting my photographic series ‘Sewing the seeds with the Fruits of Fertility’.)

THE RICKMAN FAMILY IN VENICE, Gallery Holly Snapp, Venice Italy — May 2017 (Family exhibition of Artists Tom Rickman, Daisy Rickman, Sally Scrabtree & Milo Rickman showcasing a variety of Painting, Performance Poetry, Film, Music and Photographic work during the opening weekend of the Venice Biennale)

APOTROPIAC, The Workshop, Newlyn UK — October 2016 (Self Curated Group exhibition of Artists Daisy Rickman, Hugo Lloyd Winder & Nina Günther showcasing a variety of Film, Painting and Photographic work alongside live music, poetry readings and performances.)

BIOSALUS FESTIVAL NAZIONALE, Urbino, Italy — October 2015 (A series of my photographs of Venetian Blues Musicians was exhibited alongside work produced by other International Artists as part of Urbino’s Biosalus Festival. The Documentary film ‘The Ballad of Jefferson Waller’ which I was 1st Assistant Director on also had it’s premiere here in Urbino’s Opera Theatre.)

BAHARI, Wharfside Penzance, Cornwall UK – June 2014 (Group Exhibition)

ONE, THE OTHER, & ME, The Workshop, Newlyn UK — December 2013 (Exhibition showcasing a variety of film, painting and photographic work from Artists Daisy Rickman, Jack Mankin and Logan Harvey.) 2×2 / INSIDE OUT, The Workshop, Newlyn UK — July 2013 (First self curated exhibition showcasing my film, painting and photographic work.)



Alongside producing my own personal film and video pieces, I have worked on a range of jobs with a variety of Artists and Clients who have Employed or Commissioned me.

STAINS – TIBERIUS B Music Video – Dorset 2021 ~ Camera Assistant

COME TO THE FAYRE – ROKUROKUBI Music Video & Animation Brighton UK 2020 ~ Videographer

IRIS FLOWER OF VIOLENCE – ROKUROKUBI Music Video & Animation – Brighton UK 2020 ~ Videographer

NICK – ROKUROKUBI Music Video – Cornwall UK 2020 ~ Videographer

RACHEL FENLON // George Crumb – Apparition VI. The Night in Silence Under Many a Star Music Video – Berlin Germany 2019 ~ Videographer

RACHEL FENLON // Franz Schubert & Alma Mahler – Studioboerne45 Berlin, Germany, 2019 ~ Videographer

ANA SCHWEDHELM, Music Videos – Berlin, Germany 2019 ~ Videographer

JOHANNES HELD & DANIEL BESKOW: FRÜHLINGSTROM Music Video – Berlin, Germany 2019 ~ Videographer

RETREAT FOR MUSICIANS Promotional Video – Postojna, Slovenia 2019 ~ Videographer

GEOFFREY HUMPHRIES PRIVATE VIEW, The Osborne Studio Gallery, London UK (2017) ~ Videographer

THE RUNAWAY TEETH, Sally Crabtree (2017) Hand Drawn Animation – Cornwall 2017 ~ Animator & Videographer

SELFIE CENTERED – PARTIAL FACSIMILE COLLECTIVE, MEDIA OS 5.1, Multi-Media Performance, Strangelove Moving Image Festival in Folkestone and Fabrica Gallery, Brighton UK (2017) ~ Filmmaker

SOFIA TALIANI & FRANCESCO GIBALDI: PYREXIA, Sofia Taliani & Francesco Gibaldi (2017) Music Video, Venice Italy 2017 ~ Videographer

POETRY POSTIE IN JAPAN : SALLY CRABTREE, Kyoto & Tokyo, Japan (2016) ~ Videographer

PUMA ROSA LIVE, Brighton Great Escape (2016) ~ Videographer

POETRY POSTIE IN CUBA : SALLY CRABTREE, Havana, Cuba (2016) ~ Videographer

FOR/REST, EVA HOWELLS Brighton UK (2016) Short Film ~ Actress

RACHEL & SETH MITCHELL’S WEDDING Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens, Cornwall 2015 ~ Videographer

FRAGILE CREATURES : LEAVE IT ALONE, Music Video Brighton 2015 — Camera Operator

GREAT ESCAPE: BRIGHTON’S FINEST MAGAZINE, Promotion Video, Brighton 2015 ~ Camera Operator

ROCK, PAPER, RIVER, EVA HOWELLS, Short Film – Brighton 2015 ~ Lead Actress

THE EDEN SESSIONS (MOTÖRHEAD, PALOMA FAITH, THE STRANGLERS), 12 Camera Full HD Shoot Cornwall 2015 ~ Camera Assistant / Runner

GLUG BRIGHTON, Creative Event (2015) ~ Videographer VIA TIRANA, Live Studio Session – Brighton 2015 ~ Videographer

SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT : JAMES GASSON Music Video – Brighton 2015 ~ Videographer

SIMPLE MAN : SHADY GROOVE, Music Video – Venice, Italy 2014 ~ Videographer

THE BALLAD OF JEFFERSON WALLER (ANDY SCOTT) Documentary Film Venice, Italy 2014 ~ Assistant Director

CARING FOR THE RECENTLY DECEASED (HENRY DAVIES) Short Film – Cornwall 2014 ~ 2nd Assistant Camera / Clapper Operator



‘SELFIE CENTERED’ DAISY RICKMAN, Strangelove Moving Image Festival, Fabrica Gallery, Brighton – March 2017



‘HAND’ Cornwall UK Film Festival – November 2014

ALPHABET SOUP, The Exchange Gallery, Penzance UK – August 2014