Donsya a’n Loryow is Daisy Rickman’s Debut Album she released independently on Vinyl August 13th 2022. All Music composed, performed, recorded, produced and mixed at Home by Daisy Rickman 2020. Mastered by Ryan Van Kriedt. Artwork by Daisy Rickman. This first pressing is limited to 300 copies and has nearly sold out so is now only available at Daisy’s live shows.

” ‘Donsya a’n Loryow’ translates in Cornish to ‘Dance of the Moons’. I wrote a lot of the songs in my homelands language and they are in many ways a homage to the magic of that land. Whilst recording at home in Mousehole I started to notice the times I felt most inspired to record music would fall on certain cycles of the moon. It was these lunar dances that inspired the Title and Album Artwork which is an oil painting I made of a hand headed moon maiden. It was my first time learning how to record, produce and mix everything alone in my bedroom. On the Record I Sing and play Guitar, Drums, Double Bass, Percussion, Bouzouki, Banjo, Clarinet, Organ & Cello. It is a piece I poured much of my heart, time, and soul into for two years and was probably one of the longest times I’ve spent working on one piece of work, as although I enjoy working alone at home there are many limitations involved in this process. It feels quite raw but I enjoyed creating this way. I was more interested in capturing the organic feeling of playing rather than getting a perfect take.. which led to a lot of the songs being written within this realm and their seeds growing within the recording process. Has been a very interesting and long creative process that through all the hurdles I have learn’t a lot from. Working in solitude can be both a blessing and a curse. Having this kind of freedom over what you’re creating can be very empowering.. but the amount of unnecessary doubt you encounter within yourself and what you’re doing can become quite maddening compared to when recording with other humans haha. There is so much one can and can’t articulate about making a record.. but to finally hold the LP physically in my hands and share it with the world was such an incredible feeling. ”

Donsya a’n Loryow is available on Vinyl, Bandcamp, Youtube, Spotify, and all other streaming platforms.