☼ B E L I S A M A ☼

☼ B E L I S A M A ☼


Painted with the light of the sun through the eye of my camera, ‘Belisama’ is a film of the dances between Water and Light.

Shot on location during my travels through Cuba, Iceland, Venice and Cornwall of 2016, the footage has been kept at it’s most natural state and no ‘special effects’ were applied during post production. All of what you see here is what was captured within the visual trinity of light, water, and my camera’s eye.

Music composed by Milo Rickman (Kora African Harp), Nina Günther (Cello) & Daisy Rickman (Swedish Harp).

(In Celtic Paganism, Belisama (Bηλησαμα) was a Gaulish Goddess of Light worshipped in western Europe during the Iron Age.)


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